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A Music and Dance Symposium, July 15-17thth, 2011

Whether you are in Nigeria in ceremony or Cuba at a bembe, whether you are in New York for a party at the APT or New Orleans for a funeral march, some of the world’s most renowned DJs have taken the African rhythms of these sacred traditions and recreated them into the sounds we now know as House Music.  Being connected to their spiritual and cultural roots as producers, DJs have created bridges between various cultures within the African Diaspora, connecting audiences, communities and artists through rhythm.  ORIGINS: The Dj Diaspora brings together Djs and producers, drummers, and dancers, priest and practitioners to one stage for this first annual Music and Dance Symposium.

Audiences will witness West Africa’s influence on underground dance and music culture through panel discussions, dance and drumming workshops and of course on the dance floors of some of the nation’s hottest clubs.   Inside these Sacred Circles, audiences will learn from some of the foremost experts on Orisa culture in such traditions as IFA, SANTERIA, and VODUN and how its legacy has been preserved through the art, music and movement of today.  From the DJ to the dancer, from the drummer to the masquerade, from both the religious and the secular, West Africa’s indigenous sounds and musical instruments of change have been reborn into the nightlife of some of the world’s most popular clubs via the DJ.

Event Tickets:  Symposium Pass $40, (all-access) available online <a title=”PURCHASE TICKETS” href=”Text for link“>  Individual tickets are available at doors.  For more information or for Symposium Passes, call Ori Productions at 770-334-1301.  All activities are open to the general public.